Vintage Green German table and bench set.


Our German table and bench sets are always our most popular item..

A vintage green set- ref: 841, goes to a new client in Herefordshire..

Looks like they are having a great party!!

We also have them with yellow wooden tops and  green metal legs - ref: 191

About Us

Articulate your design style with individually sourced pieces of furniture and accessories that will underline the personal tone of your environment.

Aesthetic | Eclectic | Exclusive

Our story

Turner and Cox is a small, family business started by Sean Cox. Sean has always been inspired by original antique and industrial pieces aswell as unusual, beautifully designed spaces.

His passion for beauty has been cultivated over the years as he has added to his own collection of furniture and aesthetics. Sean has spent time refining his taste to collect eclectic pieces that have also become proven sound investments. It was late in 2013 that Sean decided to take his dream of sourcing beautiful pieces one step further and so Turner and Cox was born.

Building on his creative flair has motivated him and his wife Lisa to successfully conceive the company Turner and Cox. Sean travels all over Europe, treading miles to discover the unusual, the distinctive and the original. Turner and Cox curates a diverse portfolio, carefully selecting future icons based on the merits of quality craftsmanship and inspired by life.

This unique collection allows you to invest and refine the world around you with choice pieces selected and sought by Sean. Investing in your home/environment couldn't be simpler. Build a beautiful home with Turner and Cox.




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